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Italian language in the world

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Among the most studied languages in the world, Italian language isthe fourth, right  after English, Spanish and Chinese. This could seem strange if we try to compare the number of places all over the world where these languages are spoken with the smaller population of Italian speakers.  but this is one of the reasons that makes interesting try to understand why Italian is a very requested language around the world.
Italian language is known by a large part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and is used in substitution for Latin in some official documents. . It is official also in Vatican.  The Church is not to be underestimated as a cultural, geographical and institutional force. Indeed, into the colleges and Universities of the Holy See, Italian is the most spoken language by students of different nationalities. Also the Pope  speaks at general audience in Italian..
Italian is also one of the most studied languages in the world for another significant reason: the great importance of our culture in the world. Of course, first of all among the artistic expressions, Italian literature is one of the most important. Italian literary production, that has been prosperous since the Age of Augustus, never stopped. It changed, conformed to the evolution of the language – Latin, Vernacular, Gallicisms and other typical languages, up to current Italian – and enabled the production of masterpieces that are considered very important in Italy and all over the world.
Figurative art has also spread very much the Italian language in the world, and even the culture of a lively and exuberant people. It is not a coincidence that the artistic beauties of Italy are very famous tourist destinations..
Music, bel canto and melodrama can be also considered  one of the  reasons why Italian language is very well known all over the world. Even in the Eighteenth century, Italian was the official language of the melodrama and it is for this that Italian is well known by the lovers of the genre.
During the latest centuries, also the emigration of Italian people to different countries in America and Europe has played an import role in the knowledge of our language.
It is for all of this that Italian language is today  one of the most studied in the world.

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