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Conversations in Rome is the name of our offer of 4 -hour sessions comprising 2 hours in-class Italian language lessons for all student levels, plus 2 hours conversation as we roam the streets of Rome.
In-class lessons will take place in the morning while conversations will be in the afternoon.
This way, students will be able to practice the concepts learned during the first part of the day.
Planned activities will consist of walking tours around the historical regions of Rome (rioni), typical product tastings , guided tours and much more.

These daily conversation sessions will take place weekly as follows:







Conversation session


Rione Monti


Campo de' Fiori

Piazza Navona, Ghetto


Villa Torlonia

The daily cost is 50,00 € (2 hours of lessons + 2 hours conversation by the streets of Rome)


  Through the alleys of Trastevere

We will have a walk through the typical alleys of the district created during the Roman period by the Tiber river; its name comes from Latin and means “beyond the Tiber”, which is the area where the ancient city was.
We will chat through little streets and medieval squares where, local people and foreigners like spending their afternoon and evening there. The area is full of traditional restaurants, wine bars and small bistros, sipping wine,etc.
We will be absorbed by its typical atmosphere full of colours and sounds that make this one of the most beautiful and popular district of the city.


  The Rione Monti

A few steps from the underground stop “Cavour” there is Rione Monti, one of the most typical districts of Rome
We will be absorbed by arts and crafts shops and art galleries that give the district its charm. We will discover one of the most beautiful vintage flea market of Rome. We will walk along Via dei Serpenti, Via del Boschetto and Via Panisperma, where the Institute of Physics of Enrico Fermi was located.
.We will chat over a glass of wine in one of the typical wine bars and we will sample typical local dishes in one of the most attractive place in the city.

Rione Monti
Rione Monti
Rione Monti

 The popular streets of Testaccio

The Rione Testaccio is one of the districts that has managed to keep alive the true popular spirit of Rome.
The district takes its name from the mound of broken pottery created by the activity of the port. .
Today, Testaccio is a very popular neighborhood place and it is filled with locals
We will enjoy a cup of tea near to the Piramide Cestia, the Giardino degli Aranci and The Non­Catholic Cemetery, home to the graves of Keats, 
Shelley, Antonio Gramsci, and many other famous personalities.

We will have a walk through the streets, taste typical Roman dishes and we will be part of that popular atmosphere rarely sensed elsewhere.



  Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona and the Ghetto

Campo de' Fiori' square is home to one of the most popular farmers markets of the whole city.
We will discover the products and the genuine tastes of the Roman cooking ingredients. We will chat looking at the monument to Giordano Bruno that is located in the square. We will be absorbed by the art and the colours of one of the most beautiful baroque squares of Rome: Piazza Navona. We will sip a coffee inside one of the open bars that surround the square and we will observe the street artists' work.
We will have a walk through the streets of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome and we will briefly reconstruct its history.

Campo de fiori ...
Campo de fiori ...
Campo de fiori ...


  Coppedè and Villa Torlonia

Coppedè district is located not far from  Via Nomentana and it is one of the most original complex of Rome. It consists in eighteen buildings and twenty-seven detached house designed and constructed by the architect Gino Coppedè who developed his own personal, eclectic interpretation of the Liberty Style. We will chat during our visit to this residential district's buildings.
Not far from the Coppedè district there is Villa Torlonia, the residence of merchants Torlonia. We will enjoy our converation session near to the Casino dei Principi, the Casina delle Civette with its glazing in Liberty style, and the Casino Nobile.

Coppedè - Villa...
Coppedè - Villa...
Coppedè - Villa...

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